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join now discount needs little introduction as it has been one of the most popular nude mag after Playboy and Hustler, for the past decade. After the success of the magazine, they made their move on the internet with the website to keep up with the trend. So far, they have used the platform, to share even more images of models in seductive poses and more galleries and more videos, and even old but famous magazine archives with their fans and audience. Recently, they have developed the new feature of 3D video to their already thumping arsenal. is known for its quality in images and their selection of the sexiest models around, similarly, the website does not disappoint either. The website includes hundreds of hot steamy scenes with great alluring and stunning models that provide you with utmost pleasure. The scenes have professional vibe, great lightning, neat makeup and set ups, stunning models and what not.
The website started its business in 1997 and they have been resilient in their quest for providing its viewers with the most astounding porn. Currently, there are more than 4000 galleries and 3500 scenes that feature more than 1500 models. This is a humongous collection of assets no matter what the category is.

All the content at the penthouse is original and without compromises on quality. The photos and videos are amazingly chalked, with extreme attention to details. The imagery is neat, the scenery is immaculate, and the models are impeccable. The production crew is skilled and knows how to put on a great porn scene. The videos are high definition in quality with formats varying from MP4 to wmvs that play at up to 7000k and are 1280×720 in aspect ratio. Some of the videos are also 3D, which is an amazing addition to the stash. These videos and images, surely keep up with the standards set by the original penthouse magazine.

The site is pretty regularly updated, sometimes they add 2 videos a week, sometimes 4, so it is always at a fast pace. This week alone, 4 new videos were added, plus 2 new galleries. The videos can be watched online via the Flash player provided by the browser or they can be downloaded to view later. The membership also includes extras like access to magazine archives and other stuffs like famous letters and documents. The layout of the site is neat, new features such as model index and scene recognition are also added which help in selecting the video that you want to watch, without much hassle and ado.

It is wonderful to see the world famous brand to continue impress the online community. It is a humongous site which is increasing day by day as we speak, adding more original and exclusive content. It is definitely worth the $10 discount subscription. So, without wasting anytime spend a few dollars to get the subscription and enjoy the ride of life time.