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There are some people who will be passionate about Dare Dorm and the content within, and then of course there will be critics and skeptics. Which side of the divide you will land on depends on whether you appreciate what these guys have. The dazzling array of coed girls inside this technically sound pornsite will impress you. But there are some parts of this website and services they offer that do not work so much in their favor. One aspect that you should immediately know of is the no downloading policy that they have for the films. But being an eternal optimist, one must look at things from the positive side, so let us discover more about those positive things that membership affords you!

You can bet on finding the following things inside this website – hardcore coeds, material from the public, amateur porno, reality filming, young ladies 18 to 24 year olds, parties, students, and more. The main theme is students and the luscious depravity that they show when they get horny and ready to explore the beauty of sex. The legend was that the website gave out prizes for the best submission in the form of 10 thousand dollars! The students always endeavored to make sure they won this award by being more depraved sexually in each submission they made. Whether the prize-dollars are still given out is not so easily known, but the website still has updates to show so they are still very much active.

The genuine resourcefulness of the students makes the hardcore thrilling in many of the scenes inside this pornsite. For some of the cameras used, the resolution is not so great and some of the hands handling the filming are not so stable. You will get amateur films that have something unadulterated in them that increase the interesting aspects of the sex. The lighting in the dorms is not always so perfect, and the filming can be hectically done at times, but these are the same qualities that give the films here a different vibe.

With well over five hundred Dare Dorm discount films inside, you will be treated to crazy kids, coed parties, and a superfluity of body physiques that will quicken your pulse. You will find irresistible sultriness, silliness, mischievous habits, sweet voices, seductive faces, ripe asses, and tits of the coeds here, plus the sex variety of blowjobs, anal, cumshots, lesbian, orgies, pussy play, masturbation, and so forth.

The resolution is not a great advantage that these guys have, but there are some 720p res films, and the website is very easy to navigate. They have summaries, movies can be 1 hour or longer, they update new students, and Dare Dorm is still worthy of your attentions in this type of niche! A true turn-on, so go and have a look!